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If you are a newbie to internet marketing and would like to find out how to start to make money by selling online, you can read a short description about my internet marketing journey and my good and bad experiences which can help you to avoid some of the mistakes and problems which I had encountered and had taken a lot of time and effort to overcome.

You can read about some of my achievements and my progress in internet marketing and how I can help you to quickly get started to sell online.

You can read more by going to the Quick Profits From Internet page.

Do you want to know a new way to make money from the internet?

This new method involves the selling of ebooks or just by giving them away free online.

Many people already know that if they sell ebooks on the internet, they are able to build their contact lists quite easily and quickly. They know that they can obtain the names and email addresses of the people who opt in and sign up to buy or get ebooks for free. The authors or sellers of the ebooks can also put links in their ebooks so that people can go and visit the websites of the vendors.

This method of collecting real email addresses to build your list can be very effective because you will be able to easily send emails with your offers to the people on your list and make quick profits from internet.

Now there is an even more powerful method because this method can not only collect the email addresses of many people but also their phone numbers which are then stored in a easy to manage data system.

If you have this brand new system, people can easily buy and get free ebooks from you, by just using their hand phones without requiring internet connections and you will be able to easily and quickly build a very valuable contact list. You can reach your list instantly by sending them phone text messages, which they will not miss, unlike emails which may not be seen at all.

This new system of being able to get ebooks by using the phone was just introduced in Malaysia and it is the first in the world.

This business is going to expand rapidly to neighboring countries and then to the whole world.

The earnings potentials of this business are huge.

Contact us if you want to find out more about this exciting and lucrative business.

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Want to try a new way to make quick profits from internet?

This blog has not been updated for quite some time because I have been very busy with other projects and investments.

There are important steps that have to be taken before you can quickly make some money from the internet. The basic steps  have been mentioned before and you can read more by going to the Quick Profits From Internet page.

If you do a search on the internet, you will find tons of information for you to learn how to make money from internet marketing. However, you will be bogged down very soon with information overload and do not know what is the next step to take and how to proceed. You also have to be very careful to avoid getting trapped by the scams but at the same time not to miss the real lucrative opportunities. We are also now living in a very fast moving world and we must know how to adapt ourselves to take advantage of the things which can greatly improve our lives.

If you want to try a new quick way to make money from the internet  at very low start-up costs, you can find out more by clicking  on the banner at the top of this page.

It is also useful to pay attention to what is happening in the rapidly changing world of internet marketing and take note of how these changes can affect how we go about to try to earn some quick profits on the internet. This subject will be discussed further in the next post.

Thank you to all who have visited this Quick Profits From Internet website

I would like to say thanks to all of you who have visited this Quick Profits From Internet website and have enjoyed reading the articles which are found here. I hope the contents in this website have been useful for you and you have benefited from them.

I would like very much to communicate with some of you who have posted comments on this blog so that we can share our experiences and ideas about internet marketing and learn from each other how to make money quickly from the internet.

However, I have been flooded with many spam comments and It has been very difficult for me to identify the genuine comments from people who are really interested in this blog. So if you want to contact me, please send email to me using the email address found on the Contact page, and do not forget to use “QPFI” as the subject or title or I may not be able to see your messages.

I hope to have interesting discussions with some of you very soon.



My latest ventures


I have just found another interesting way to make money and earn some quick profits from internet and also from brick and mortar businesses, just by helping business owners to make more money from their existing businesses and showing others how to quickly and easily start small businesses to make money.

I am now exploring this latest business venture project which provides some highly valued products and services to help people save costs, save time and make more money.

I am also excited to know  that there is an easy and quick way for people to start a simple business with only a small capital of RM3000 to RM5000, depending on how big you want to run this business.

No special technical skills or any internet marketing skills are required.

You only need to promote a small IT system and strategies mainly to local business
owners in Malaysia to help them to save costs, save time and make more money. You can sell the package for  RM10.000 or less depending on the nature and scale of their businesses.  We will show you how to help them easily and quickly generate ROIs of over 100 percent in a time as short as one month and continue to to enable them to get more customers to achieve annual ROIs of hundreds of percent from their existing business operations.

The market is still untapped as a only small number of local businesses know how to use
this to beat their competitors and make a lot of money.

It is possible for you to earn RM10,000 or more monthly with just a few sales.

You can also earn from other sources which will generate recurring passive incomes.

If you are interested to find out more about this business, you can go and visit this
website advanceddigitalmarketingservices.com.

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Quick Profits From Internet Website for sale


Since I have other projects to manage, I do not have much time to make more improvements to my make money blog websites.

I have decided to sell some of my domains and websites.

If you are interested, you can go here to visit one of them.

This domain and website about quick profits from internet is also available for sale.

The current contents and themes can be replaced with your own ones. .

The price and the terms of sale are negotiable.

Just email me and make your offers.

You can also contact me if you are new and want to learn how to build WP websites and quickly get them online, or if you want to place advertisements on my website..The terms and price are all fully negotiable…